Huntley & Lake in the Hills Police, Huntley Fire and EMS Scanner

Lake in the Hills Police Department


General Information:

Visit the Lake in the Hills Police Website for contact details, leadership information, and other general information regarding the Lake in the Hills Police Department.

The Lake in the Hills Police Department uses Nixle to send out community alerts such as road closures, upcoming events, and other important information via text message. The service is free to sign up for.

Police Codes:

Many police departments, including the Lake in the Hills Police Department, use the same set of "Ten Codes". When used over the radio, the number 10 followed by another number is a quick way for police to relay the following information. See genearal Ten Codes here: See standard police Ten Codes on Cop Radar Also included are police codes that are NOT 10 codes, which may also be heard over the air. Keep in mind this is just a general list, and individual departments may have unique ways of communicating:

Police Code Meaning
J1 Papers
J2 Juvenile
J3 Male
J5 Female
OP Order of Protection
10-0 G,P, or W Gang, Predator, or Weapons

Department Structure:

While Lake in the Hills officers are often seen all over town, officers are broken up into patrol areas. Their patrol numbers heard over the scanner can tell a listener, and other officers, their patrol location and often times their assigned shift. Most common numbers heard over the air can be found here, alongside an area map:

Lake in the Hills Unit Number Unit Description
130 Sergeant
131 Sergeant
132 Sergeant
121 Patrol Area #1 - First Shift
122 Patrol Area #2 - First Shift
123 Patrol Area #3 - First Shift
124 Patrol Area #4 - First Shift
125 Patrol Area #5 - First Shift
221 Patrol Area #1 - Second Shift
222 Patrol Area #2 - Second Shift
223 Patrol Area #3 - Second Shift
224 Patrol Area #4 - Second Shift
225 Patrol Area #5 - Second Shift
Lake in the Hills Village Map